Resistance Weave (Marconi Action Back Sparkle), 2014, carpet, wooden frame, 7x 17ft

Resistance Weave (Marconi Action Back Sparkle), 2014, Detail

Resistance Weave is a site-specific work, a carpet lining the 7x17 ft long wall that stretches between the two main doorways leading into the Mayer Gallery of the Chazen Museum of Art. It at once references and ridicules the previously carpet-lined walls of the galleries in the 1970s – a remainder of which can still be found in the museum’s basement. Mimicking abrasions left by prolonged contact with an exhibition frame, a pattern has been carved into the fibres of the carpet. At first, this pattern seems reminiscent of Franz Kline’s abstract expressionist mark-making. As the viewer retreats from the large-scale work however, a crude anarchy symbol comes into view that introduces an air of subversiveness, while at the same time being awkwardly aware of itself as an empty signifier.