Distribution of Comparative Components and their Tactical Outcomes, 2017, archival inkjet print, 14x18in

The Metrics of Human Capital in an Integrated Metastructure, 2017, archival inkjet print, 14x18in

High-yield Growth Strategies and their Performance-based Variants, 2017, archival inkjet print, 14x18in

Circulation of Optimism vs. Established Patterns of Control, 2017, archival inkjet print, 14x18in

The charts and graphs displayed in the map series feature plans for different office landscapes. Office landscapes were conceived of in the early 1950s in what was an attempt to implement an open plan and to break down walls and, by extension, hierarchies in the office. However, what was designed to create a more democratic and dynamic space, eventually led to the introduction of the office cubicle, a symbol of white-collar workforce alienation. The maps are accompanied by captions assembled from online mission statement generators that attest to Erbacher’s concern with language as a vehicle to create, perpetuate and potentially disrupt ideologies and unequal power relations.