Lina, 2015, Laminated chipboard, 37x41x68in

The sculptural works most clearly referencing the office cubicle and the cheap mass-produced furniture found within it, are Bertram and Lina. Titled to allude to Ikea’s much ridiculed product names and made from laminated chipboard, the standardized modules have been cut, manipulated and re-joined in a way that is both considered, as it is non-sensical, reflecting the endless effort of someone who is trying to follow instructions yet does not understand the workings of the separate parts in the bigger picture. It is ultimately unclear, whether the resulting non-functional desk or shelving unit can be considered an office prank by a co-worker, or a small act of resistance by an employee against a system of corporate bureaucracy that is perceived to be rigid, stifling and unjust.

Bertram/ Ingolf 2015, laminated chipboard, Installation view, Paraplanner, Roy G Biv, Columbus, OH

Bertram, 2015, laminated chipboard, 20 x 20 x 60in

Ingolf, 2015, laminated chipboard, 16 x 10in