You know she’s a little bit dangerous, 2014, stainless steel, sound equipment, 75 x 24 x 16in

You know she's a little bit dangerous - Sandra Erbacher 2014 from Sandra Erbacher on Vimeo.

You know she’s a little bit dangerous is an aluminium air return prominently located at the center of the gallery. The industrial ductwork extends downwards from the ceiling into the exhibition space; its opening hovers approximately two feet off the ground. Slightly too large for the size and the low ceiling height of the gallery, the vent’s scale and position are intrusive and awkward in relation to the viewer’s body appearing more as an alien invader than an inconspicuous piece of ductwork.
Additionally, the vent functions as a large speaker emitting muffled fragments of the song “Dangerous” by Swedish 80s pop band Roxette. The reverberating sound, which gives the impression that one is witness to a neighbour’s dance-party, fades in and out of a collection of sound recordings of crowds gathering and walking through a museum space. In combination, these physical and aural dislocations simultaneously cause a re-embodiment and disorientation of the viewer as he/she traverses the exhibition space.