Ctrl+Alt+Del, 2015, archival inkjet print from 6x7 negative, 22x42in

In a personal computer with the Windows operating system, Ctrl-Alt-Delete is the combination of keyboard keys that the computer user can press at the same time to terminate an application task or to reboot the operating system. The exact function of the key combination differs depending on the context but it generally interrupts or facilitates interrupting a function.
In Ctrl-Alt-Delete, a photograph of an ordinary office computer keyboard, the inscriptions on the individual keys have been erased. This act of erasure symbolically interrupts communication, the essential function of a keyboard. As a result, blankness becomes an active signifier, an interstitial condition, a space of projection and potentiality, where anything can happen or can be made to happen. It is a blankness that is eloquent, that communicates through a refusal of communication.