Bertram/ Ingolf 2015, laminated chipboard, Installation view, Paraplanner, Roy G Biv, Columbus, OH

Bertram, 2015, laminated chipboard, 20 x 20 x 60in

Ingolf, 2015, laminated chipboard, 16 x 10in

Bertram is a sculpture resembling an Ikea DIY project gone wrong. Titled to allude to the popular Swedish furniture house’s much ridiculed product names, it is made of laminated chipboard, an economical material used to mass-produce cheap home and office furniture. Originally part of a wardrobe, the modules have been cut, manipulated and re-joined in a way that is both considered as it is non-sensical reflecting the endless effort of someone who is trying to follow instructions yet does not understand the workings of the separate parts in the bigger picture.