COMSystem, 2016, Archival inkjet print from 4x5 color negative, size variable

COMSystem is a large-format photograph from the Catalogue Series. The featured desk in the shape of an oversize swastika is part of an office furniture system manufactured by the Krueger, Wisconsin. It is advertised as “one large, continuing desk, which is tailored to the work needs of each individual, may be built for a group who needs to share information.” This emphasis on flexibility, adaptability and a break down of hierarchies stands in sharp contrast to the symbolic meaning the swastika has acquired during World War II serving as a reminder of the Holocaust and the day-to-day experience of violence and oppression. This powerful ideological clash, although seemingly unintended by the designers and manufacturers is, however, instrumental in revealing the hierarchies of status and gender tied to the division of labour operating at the micro level of the office.