IBM and the Holocaust, 2018, vinyl on wall, 13x12ft

IBM and the Holocaust is a large wall diagram, which charts the business connections between IBM and the Nazi regime. According to research by investigative journalist Edwin Black, IBM and its subsidiaries helped create technology that facilitated the Nazi genocide – from identification and cataloguing programs of the 1930s to the selections and extermination campaigns of the 1940s. Condensed and abstracted, the information in Erbacher’s chart presents an effort to understand and come to terms with not only the atrocities perpetrated, but also with the active complicity of one of America’s most powerful corporations. In the sense that the archives Erbacher draws on can only ever be partial and incomplete, IBM and the Holocaust also refers to the limits of representation and the inadequacy of language and image to tell us the complete story.

Installation View, SPACE, Portland, ME