Posterior Torso Study, 2018, Carpet tiles, overhead projector

Secluded from the main gallery, which is divided by a wooden screen and planters giving it the appearance of a reception area, is a small darkened screening room. On a carpeted floor sits an outdated overhead projector, which casts a black and white diptych onto the wall. Posterior Torso Study is composed of an image from an archive on fascist fashion in Italy in the 1940s. It details a metal cage that envelops a female body and translates the results into a grouping of projections and rations. It was developed in an effort to create a “system of mechanical measurement of a totalitarian nature”. This image is juxtaposed with a study of a sitting posture to aid the development of an ergonomic office chair, suggesting, not only the measuring, recording, classification, surveillance, and disciplining of the body, but also the potential consequences for non-compliance with these procedures the body is subjected to.

Installation View, SPACE, Portland, ME